From the time they were discovered centuries ago up to this day, the charm of diamonds come from their rarity, the romance that comes with discovering them, how strong they are, and the intricate process of cutting them before they are transformed into fine jewelry. Diamonds are usually associated with love, legacy, wealth, and glamor, […]

Aside from a unique appearance, vintage watches hold a distinct charm, because they represent a part of history. For this reason, many are lured to hunt vintage timepieces, or at the very least check them out and see why collecting pre-owned watches is a passion for some. But, what value does a vintage watch possess […]

Winter is finally over and spring is finally upon us. While it signals a finer and warmer climate, it also unfolds a new season in what perhaps is the holy grail of women’s fashion—bags! As you hang up your coats and put on your sheer dresses, linen trousers, cotton tops, denim shorts, and bikinis, make […]

A Time for Every Woman March is women’s month. We celebrate what makes us in every way the woman that has been everything and everyone to mankind—mother, wife, sister, sister-in-law, girlfriend (or girlfriend, whichever applies). We do this by engaging in a number of activities, which could range from simple meet and greet set-ups, to […]

Are you considering an investment in a vintage luxury watch? Needless to say, most watch experts could tell you that these watches are considered quality investments as each watch does appreciate in value in time. This is particularly true if the vintage watch is in good condition, as there seems to be consideration made for […]

In the history of American television, the broadcast of Super Bowl 50 by CBS was the third most watched ever. There was an average viewer number of over one hundred eleven million. For a half-minute commercial throughout the duration of the game, the network charged five million dollars on average. Coldplay headlined the show during […]

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